Marcin Morzycki

About the book

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The main points, FAQ-style:

What’s on this page?
Abstracts and drafts of several chapters of a book, along with a draft of the whole thing.
What kind of book?
Something between an advanced textbook for people who already have a background in semantics and a survey of work on the semantics of modification (in particular, the semantics of adjectives, adverbs, and degrees). For more on the purpose and scope of the book, look at chapter 1 in the book or in this full draft manuscript.
What’s it called? Gimme a link to the manuscript and a BibTeX thinger.
Modification. It’s for the Cambridge University Press series Key Topics in Semantics and Pragmatics. BibTeX

Below are non-final drafts of chapters as separate files. A disadvantage of viewing the chapters separately is that clickable links to other chapters don’t work or even display properly.