Marcin Morzycki

Marcin as a Simpsons character

Hi. Here’s a short FAQ:

Who are you?
I’m an associate professor of linguistics at the University of British Columbia working on semantics and the syntax-semantics interface.
How can I contact you?
How can I talk to you in person?
I'm not teaching at the moment, so my office hours are by appointment.
How do I pronounce your name?
In IPA, it’s [ˈmɑɹsɪnmɔɹˈzɪki]. This is Anglicized Polish. People who know anything about Polish understandably find it appalling. The non-Anglicized version is [ˈmart͡ɕinmɔˈʐɨt͡ski], but only Polish speakers call me that. (If you can’t read IPA, you should take a linguistics course. If you just see a series of boxes due to font problems, don’t assume my name is pronounced as a series of boxes.)